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Sonos One SL

R4 699,00Price

Enjoy richly detailed sound with this surprisingly powerful speaker.


  • Humidity resistant
  • Touch controls
  • Apple AirPlay 2
  • WiFi
  • How does One SL differ from One?

    One SL does not include microphones for built-in voice control. The size and acoustic profile are identical to One.

    Can I stereo pair One SL with One?

    Yes. We recommend stereo pairing One SL with One (any generation) as there is no substantial benefit to having two voice-enabled speakers in the same room.

    Is One SL better for home cinema surrounds?

    We recommend using two One SL speakers as rear surrounds for home cinema, particularly if you have a voice-enabled soundbar, such as Arc or Beam.

    Can I stream using Bluetooth?

    One SL does not have Bluetooth connectivity but streams audio content over your WiFi network. Internet access allows you to stream higher fidelity audio over greater distances, group or pair Sonos speakers and more.

    Will accessories for One also work for One SL?

    Yes. All accessories that work with One, including mounts, power cables, stands and shelves, will work with One SL.

    Can I add One SL to my system using the S1 Controller app?

    One SL requires the latest version of the Sonos app for setup and control. Learn more here.