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Inverter Backup Systems

On-grid or off-grid solutions to keep you going on your own terms with or without Eskom.

1kVa 900W Inverter with 1.2kWh Lithium battery system. Perfect starter solution for home and small office to keep the essentials - alarm, TV, computer, office lights, Wi-Fi, etc - on even during load shedding.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

UPS systems offer a more compact (though shorter term) solution than standard backup power systems and are more accessible for limited budgets. Solutions range from small units capable of keeping your desktop computer and wifi router on, to UPS units capable of powering a small business office for at least a couple hours.


Available separately or in combination with our inverter backup solutions, lithium iron phosphate batteries are the "current future" and boast longer lifespans and lower lifetime costs than any other battery type now on the market. 

Batteries can provide a cost-effective and reliable source of backup power to keep your home or office running independently of the grid. Combined with a good inverter system to regulate the strain put on the battery, electricity independence can be yours for the taking.

Freedom One Lite 20/14 battery
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We help our customers connect with energy freedom.

  • Finance options available

  • No noisy generators

  • Well worth the investment in uptime and reduced stress

  • Professional installation that's clean and done properly

Smiles and (sine) waves.

UPS units like the one above are what's known as Modified Sine Wave units, and are perfect for powering things like alarm systems, Wi-fi routers, computers, TVs, etc.

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Elite Eco Energy

Elite Online offers products from the best names in the alternative energy sector and specialize in the supply and installation of products in the following categories:

Click/Tap one of the categories above to get started.

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Our preferred inverter backup brands

Our preferred battery brands

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UPS backup systems

  • Compact

  • Cheaper up front

  • 1-2 year lifespan with heavy use

  • Effective for small-scale use

UPS backup systems vs Inverter/Lithium Battery Combination Systems

Inverter + Lithium Battery systems

  • Much higher range of capabilities with different setups

  • Low maintenance = low lifetime cost

  • 5-10 year lifespan even with heavy use

  • Effective for small-to-enterprise-scale use

No more power struggles.

Take control of your power and stop being at the mercy of rolling blackouts that disrupt your business and life.

GIF showing an iPhone with a Victron Energy app running

Some modern systems even offer apps to monitor your backup power, like this one from Victron Energy.

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Keep the lights burning on your terms with scalable options for any situation.

Increase up-time, increase income

Save your electronics from damage caused by power surges.

Keep your security systems operating at all times.

​Minimize frustrating disruptions at home and your business.

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