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Elite Connectivity

Elite Online is able to offer our clients home and professional solutions from the IT sector, specializing in the installations and monthly provision of FTTH (residential) and Fixed LTE (for businesses), as well as the installation and setup of wifi solutions and structured CAT6 cabling.

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Fixed LTE

Wifi 6 Deployment

Fibre/CAT6 Structured Cabling

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Logo for MTN
Logo for Elite Internet

Fixed LTE is all business.

With our partnership with MTN, Elite Group is able to offer super high-speed internet - up to 150mbps - for your office with fixed LTE options. Head over to the LTE page on our sister site, Elite Internet, to dive deeper into what we can offer you, or inquire with us from right here to find out more.

Professional WiFi deployment gets you the best coverage.

Our partnership with Ubiquiti products grants us access to the best wifi routers available today, for personal or business needs. Thoughtful, beautiful design meets powerful functionality with Elite + Ubiquiti.

There's more than one way to skin your WiFi.

White Ubiquiti UniFi wifi router installed on a white ceiling
White Ubiquiti UniFi wifi router mounted against a white wall.

How can we help?

Thanks for your inquiry! We'll be in touch soon to see how we can best assist, given the information you've sent to us.

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Fibre To The Home at the speed of life.

Elite Group offers a range of fibre packages that are unshaped and un-throttled - so the sky's the limit with what you can explore, experience and create online.

Visit our sister site, Elite Internet, for more detailed information on our fibre packages as well as fibre-ready routers suitable for casual or hardcore web surfers.

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Fibre/CAT6 structured cabling for proper high speed network performance.

We don't compromise on quality and always maintain the latest standards. That means ultimate speed for you, with a clean and professional installation every time.

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Office:   087 822 1424

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