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Elite Online offers products from the best names in the security industry and we specialize in the supply and installation of products in the following categories:

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CCTV camera icon and fingerprint combined into a single icon to represent security


The FOG BANDIT's patented design and unprecedented track record of performance & reliability has earned it a reputation that has attracted end users from all spectrums of the business world.  From blue chip companies to corner stores, the FOG BANDIT is widely used to protect people and assets against the threats of robbery and burglary.

FOG BANDIT 240 anti-theft fog system

CCTV Surveillance

We offer clean, professional installations of some of the best products in the industry to help keep your home and business protected. If you have any of the following:

  • Risk of robberies or shoplifting

  • Risk of breaking and entering

  • Staff that might steal items from your premises

  • Unpredictable environments where violent situations can erupt

Then contact us to chat about what the most cost-effective CCTV solution might be for you.

HIKVISION Security CCTV cameras
HIKVISION Security CCTV camera
4 Morpho biometrics security authentication systems standing beside each other

Biometrics for space-age security.

The ultimate in security for your home or business, biometrics has many uses, from access guarding to attendance tracking for staff.

See who's knocking with advanced intercom product solutions.

Control who has access into your home or business, whether you're at home or abroad. Advanced remote solutions ensure you can see outside your door from anywhere you are in the world and that you can give access to authorized people without having to leave them your keys.

Various HIKVISION intercom product solutions standing together on transparent background
ViRDI ACC2200 fingerprint reader isolated on light grey background

Some of the benefits of biometrics for home owners:

  • Increased security, as biometrics are almost impossible to fake or hack

  • Easy to use and fast-operating

Some of the benefits of biometrics for business owners:

  • Reduces accountability by providing indisputable data on anyone using the system

  • Easily scalable from small businesses to giant corporations

  • Simple to install and use, no need for constant training on system use

Dozens of security cameras on brick wall pointing down to 2 women standing on a curb

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